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Day 36 – 100 Days Of Scouting


The low down:

  • Watched a great video of camp staff doing a skit at Camp Pioneer that Scoutmaster Steve posted (http://www.melrosetroop68.org/blog/?p=2155) This is an awesome skit. I laughed out loud at my desk.
  • Attended a rescheduled PLC meeting. The 2 Scouts that attended planned some really great stuff. I’m very pleased on how PLC meetings are turning around. We’ll be doing a canoe trip campout and some fun sports stuff over the next couple of months. I’m very excited.
  • Attended a rescheduled Troop meeting. They went over first aid. The Scouts quizzed each other over things that needed to know. Seemed to have gone well.
  • Talked to a parent of a Scout about some things. It was nice to hear they feel the same way we do about the Troop and that they want their Scout to stick with it. I think I’m going to have a Scoutmaster conference with him at Thursday’s meeting to see where he’s headed and talk to him about what I see in him. He’s an awesome kid and has the makings of a great leader. He’s just a bit shy and not confident, but I think we can get him over that.



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